Though her Pageant Material is only a week old, Kacey Musgraves is already racking up accolades for avoiding the sophomore slump. The album, which features 13 quirky country gems (plus a hidden bonus track), picks up where Same Trailer, Different Park left off. Indeed, Musgraves and her merry band of collaborators mined so much similar musical territory that the two collections feel like twin siblings separated at birth. Chock full of “you do you” platitudes wrapped up in easy-breezy melodies and Musgraves’ wink-and-nod delivery, Pageant Material is both fun and familiar.
One of the standout tracks early on in the set is the the sweetly simple “Late to the Party,” which Musgraves calls one of her favorites on the album. At her recent listening party, she noted that the hook originated as yet another sly and wry turn, but co-writer Josh Osborne suggested taking it in a different direction. “Who needs a crowd when you’re happy at a party for two? The world can wait, ’cause I’m never late to the party, if I’m late to the party with you,” Musgraves gently coos in the choruses.
But, before she gets there, she can’t help but toss in a bit of the ol’ Musgraves magnetism: “They’re blowing up our phones, asking where we are. Just say we’re almost there; we ain’t even in the car. You’re rolling one for two and I’m still picking out my shoes. I’m never late to the party, if I’m late to the party with you.”
Get a glimpse at Musgraves working it out in the studio with guitarist Misa Arriaga, and co-producers Shane McAnally and Luke Laird.