Missippippi born singer-songwriter Garrison Starr debuted her first CD right out of high school in 1993. A short four years later, Starr was signed to Geffen Records, releasing Eighteen Over Me, which gained her commercial success and visibility. After a successful stint playing Sarah McLachlan’s Lilith Fair, Starr had a falling out with Geffen when they insisted that she submit demos for approval before recording her next CD. Starr bounced around from Virgin and Vanguard Records before self-releasing her latest CD, The Girl That Killed September.
So what’s happening with the new project?
Well, we just did two Borders’ shows, one in San Francisco and another in Portland, OR… and we’ll be doing one in L.A. this Saturday. I think that’s going to end up being a great promo tool for us. We’re really just doing whatever we can to spread the word out here. It’s interesting. You try something, maybe it works, maybe not, then you try something else. I like the freedom of it actually. It beats always waiting on a label to approve things!

So the free agent thing suits you. That’s great!

I think it does, yes. It feels right for now. I’m learning a lot.
How is it you’re going to be in L.A. and I’m just now hearing about that?
Well, I think the bottom line on that is that I suck at telling my friends things they need to know.
Fair enough. What else is different about this CD? It’s my favorite thing of yours, although I haven’t heard the early G Starr throwdowns. What kicked it up to the next level?
I would have to say a big part of it is working with Neilson (Hubbard). He’s amazing on his own, and we’re amazing together, in my opinion. I love making music with him. Another part is just life experience I think. I’ve grown a lot as a person and an artist.

Did you guys write together on this one?

We did. We wrote four of the songs together: “Understood,” “Stay Home Tonight,” “Unchangeable,” and “Fireworks.”
And the title track, “The Girl That Killed September,” is his handy work, yeah? That’s the one I put on the Songs for a Broken Heart compilation that just came out today!
Yes, that is correct. I’ve always loved that song—I’ve wanted to cover it for a long time.

Garrison Starr

Okay, I have to ask… what the hell is up with that video (Margaret) Cho made with you? It’s just plain odd. I read the backstory, but still.
I would have to agree, but it’s Margaret Cho. You would have to ask her where the inspiration came from… I just showed up and did what I was told, which I was more than happy to do! She’s pretty great.
You’re a trooper. So you were living in L.A. but made the move to Nashvegas… when?
Two years ago—well, a little more than two years ago really.

For the music scene, I take it?

It actually wasn’t for the music scene. It was more just for a change. There are so many great people living in Nashville, though – Peter Bradley Adams, Courtney Jaye, Matthew Perryman Jones, Jason Wilkins, Justin Earle, Megan MccCrmick, Mack Starks – it’s nice to have such a lush community there. And Neilson of course.
Agreed. I just couldn’t find anything else to hold on to there. The other parts of my life were being sacrificed for the music.
I would agree with that. I struggle with that. I’m thinking of moving back to the west coast at some point. I miss L.A. It’s the only place I’ve lived that really feels like home.
I wish we had space for you to tell the story about coming to fisticuffs with the white trash hussy over a Jew-fro. That’s just great legend, right there.
You should’ve been there. I was gonna rip that girl apart. I’m frightened at how much I would’ve loved to hurt her.
What else do you want to let the OurChart readers know?
Hmmm. Let them know they need to buy my record and spread the word to everybody they know?
That seems reasonable. Not too demanding or anything.
I’m pretty clear about what I want I suppose…