Record Bin Radio

Kelly’s show, Record Bin Radio, offers “everything else” you won’t find on Apple Music Country. On it, Kelly rummages through the crates to cover the wide breadth of American roots music, from newly discovered indies to recently remembered classics. Americana, folk, country, blues, bluegrass, Southern soul, rock ‘n’ roll, and the singer/songwriters in between, Kelly explores the many connections between vintage and modern for those who like to dig a little deeper. 

From Jason Isbell to Joni Mitchell, Yola to Odetta, REM to American Aquarium, Stevie Wonder to Danielle Ponder, this music crosses generations and genres. And we have it all. Record Bin Radio is where music lovers come to remember and discover.

What Listeners Say

“After listening to the first episode with Edie Brickell, I actually said out loud ‘Thank you, Apple Music.’ I’m a huge music fan, across genres, always on the look out for the never been heard (by me). You deliver! Love this concept of playing lesser known tracks and amazing artists.” – Lissa C.

“Thank you for Record Bin Radio. It’s a recent discovery to me and I’m starting from the very beginning. Your music curation is the stuff of my dreams. This has absolutely brought so much joy into my life. THANK YOU!” – Ali J.

“I’m late to the party, but just discovered Record Bin Radio on Apple Music. Absolutely love it. The music mix is perfect.” – Will R.


Photo credit: Mike Shots