With the Tide

Developed in partnership with the cell theatre in New York City, With the Tide tells the true story of a family, from A to G – alcoholism, boundaries, co-dependency, divorce, estrangement, forgiveness, and grace. The piece features songs by Amy Ray, score by Natalia Zukerman, and artistic direction by Kira Simring.

With the Tide is the first installment in the “anti-musical” Between the Lines series which turns song lyrics into monologues. Two additional projects are slated for future development with the cell, as well. In 2021, Remain(s) takes its inspiration from The Highwomen‘s titular track and tells the stories of nine archetypal women across history who have been persecuted for simply being who they are – a Honduran refugee, a transwoman of color, an Indigenous activist, a college student, and others.

Looking even further ahead, Love Is. Love. tells one story of “forbidden” love from four perspectives to show that the walls we build between us are simply constructs that can be just as easily torn down.


Photo credit: Jeremy Bishop