My friend Honey Harris is the morning show DJ on KBAC FM in Santa Fe. We decided that, in addition to being her ad hoc producer, I should come in every week and do a little segment. Inspired by my year-end blog post, we decided on Kelly Does Her Best wherein I introduce listeners to some of the best indie artists I know and we have a little chat with said artists. Joan Jones was our first.
There are people that come into your life that are so monumentally important that you remember the first time you saw them. Joan Jones is one of those for me. We first met on December 18, 1989 when I went to a little club in Venice, Calif. to see a friend perform. I was early and the show was late, so I got to see the two opening acts – one of which was Joan’s band Far Cry. I was smitten from the get go and we’ve been friends and colleagues ever since.
Far Cry got signed to Sony Music and became Sun 60 for three really great records. Eventually, the band disbanded leaving Joan as a solo artist. She hopped over to Hollywood Records and released the amazing Starlite Criminal. To support the release, she toured with guys like Seal and Fastball and Big Head Todd & the Monsters. For her subsequent CDs, she’s been independent. Her latest, Brown Blonde, finds her in a slightly more mellow state of mind. But any way she comes, she’s pretty fantastic.