I got introduced to Tracy Bonham through Dave Gibbs of the Gigolo Aunts. I’d long been a fan of hers so I was thrilled to make the acquaintance. What sealed our bond was a benefit compilation we co-produced. I’d been wanting to do a series of themed compilations starting with Songs for a Broken Heart. One day Tracy mentioned that her brother needed a heart transplant and she was trying to raise money to help. I offered up my compilation seeing as the theme was spot-on.
Tracy and I culled a bunch of amazingly beautiful and heartbreaking songs together from friends like David Poe, Katie Herzig, Ani DiFranco, the Grey Race, Kris Delmhorst, David Mead, and more. It’s really a fantastic collection – my favorite of the four-part Music to Live By series. It was great to help her brother out and even greater to have her as a pal.