With Back to Forever, singer/songwriter Lissie takes a nice step forward in her artistry. Though it forsakes a bit of the rough and tumble charm of her previous releases — most notably Catching a Tiger — this effort feels more consistent both in tone and content. And, it’s Lissie, so there is still plenty of edge — it’s just a more refined, more purposeful cunning, rather than the brash cutting of records past. Maybe that’s the Ojai effect in full force; or maybe it’s the natural course of maturing in action. Regardless the cause, the result is a collection of 12 solid tunes brought to life by one of the most interesting voices to emerge in the past few years. Back to Forever doesn’t seem to have one obvious stand-out track that warrants mentioning or repeat playing. Instead, the whole record deserves to be on a loop until it soaks all the way in.