To understand what Nashville is all about, you have to look past the neon signs on Broadway, you have to listen beyond the stage at the Grand Ole Opry, and you have to dig deeper than the videos on CMT.
The real heart of this city lies in the vast creative community that huddles together in East Nashville, on Elliston Place, and at Grimey’s. They dig craft beer and strong coffee, good ideas and better bands. They like their rooms tapped and their burgers up. They are artisans and artists who share a passion for collaboration and a fondness for southern living.
That’s Nashville.
And that’s the Nashville captured perfectly in a new web series called Small Batch Presents.
Yes, it’s Music City for a reason, but, from those roots, Nashville has grown wings of creativity across the spectrum — farm-to-table chefs, trial-and-error brewmasters, self-taught tailors, and more. And that’s the intersection where Small Batch lives… each episode couples a local craftsman with a local musician — Railyard Studios with Brooke Waggoner, Otis James with Majestico, and Southern Lights Electric with Foreign Fields — to humbly highlight the non-neon sides of town.
So, if you want to know what life is really like in the 615, don’t tune into ABC on Wednesday nights. Instead, get a taste from the Small Batch.