It’s hard to believe it’s been 12 years since Louise Goffin issued Sometimes a Circle, her 2002 collection of infectious, inspired pop gems. But, here she is, with Songs from the Mine, her 2014 collection of compelling, contemplative pop gems.
The mix of catchy melodies and thoughtful lyrics is a Goffin trademark that she comes by honestly and renders skillfully. Here, the first track — “Everybody But You” — stands as both a fine example of that knack and a wonderful entry point to this set.
As solid as the first half of the record is, the backside is even more enjoyable. Goffin employs a mature, caring way of handling issues. “Here Where You Are Loved,” “Some of Them Will Fool You,” and “Sword in Your Heart” are all stellar cuts that could only be written by someone who has truly, fully lived life and taken its lessons and loves in stride, as well as to heart.
When you’re 25, you just don’t craft a line so wonderfully simple and profound as “There will always be a yesterday craving your attention, but I’m right here in the sun, here where you are loved.”
This review originally appeared in Elmore.