Though the delicate sparseness of “Courage to Change” might lull casual listeners into thinking Natalia Zukerman is just another folk slinger, long-time fans know that is anything but the case. And, by the time everyone gets to the sinuous jazziness of Come Thief, Come Fire‘s second track and the bluesy saunter of the third, the virtual reality of Zukerman’s expanded repertoire comes into sharp relief. Known in Americana circles as both an accomplished songwriter and a superlative guitarist, Zukerman melds those two strengths in fine fashion here. “I Don’t Feel It Anymore,” “What Comes After,” and “Give” come off as heartfelt companion pieces to the mesmerizing opener, adding their own hushed beauty to its musical and emotional train of thought, while tunes like “One of Us,” “The Light Is Gone,” and “Hero” cant the whole piece toward a livelier, more cinematic lean to temper the woe just a little and just enough.