Over the past couple of months, the Indigo Girls have released the first seven videos in an eight-part series filmed backstage at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles this summer. Those pieces have found Amy Rayand Emily Saliers discussing their personal best songs (“Share the Moon” and “She’s Saving Me,” respectively), performing with Joan Baez (“Our Deliverance” and “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright”), and sharing their collaboration process. For the final installment, the Girls premiere a new song, “Elizabeth,” which is slated to appear on the album they just last week finished recording in Nashville with producer Jordan Brooke Hamlin.
Saliers introduces the tune saying that she had originally thought it would go on the solo record she’s been working on with Lyris Hung, but decided it was more of an Indigo Girls’ cut, after all. Explaining the autobiographical sketch of some time she spent in New Orleans with the song’s titular character, Saliers jokes, “Elizabeth, are you out there? I don’t do Facebook. I just write songs.”
Firm release dates for both projects have yet to be set, but look for the new Indigo Girls’ record in February of 2015 with Saliers’ solo set coming later in the year.

This article originally appeared on Folk Alley.