Let’s be clear about one thing right up front: Shelby Lynne can sing. Her soulful voice is nimble enough to belt one phrase and whisper the next. Even just the opening track of I Can’t Imagine makes that point abundantly clear as its lyrics align themselves with her delivery: “I threw these colors down in a fit of rage. My feelings hardly fit onto the page. Cloudy memories make for darker days, but blue is how I paint myself today.” After that, though, Lynne settles into mostly softer sways and swaggers than we’ve heard from her on records past. Listening past the voice, the writing, too, employs a lighter touch. There are no brash proclamations here — a Lynne trademark — but it’s hard to criticize someone for not writing what might not be true for them in that moment. In the end, I Can’t Imagine is a pleasant-enough listening experience, it’s just not a high water mark in a discography filled with high water marks.