Ana Egge: Is It the Kiss


Great songs — honest songs — don’t only give us a lens through which we can see their writers; they give us a look inside ourselves. They connect us to … Read More

Eilen Jewell: G*


Folk music is just that… music for, by, and of folks. It tells the stories of a people in both real time and hindsight, so that we might remember the … Read More

Jamestown Revival: San Isabel


As the world races through the present toward a future fueled by technological advances that will, allegedly, make our lives simpler, some people are taking the opposite tack, eschewing technology … Read More

Keb' Mo': Oklahoma


Joy is a commodity that is very often in short supply. In the past few years, it seems even more rare. Maybe that’s because it’s a state of being, rather … Read More

Courtney Hartman: Ready Reckoner


Not everyone can be alone with nothing but their thoughts to fill the space that surrounds them. Even if other people are around, giving yourself over to stillness, solitude, and … Read More

Dylan LeBlanc: Renegade


The rock-ification of folk music has a long and honorable history tracing back more than 50 years to Bob Dylan going electric at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival. The Byrds, … Read More