Chatting It Up with Kym Tuvim


Seattle singer/songwriter Kym Tuvim’s new (and third) release Nothing, Sweet Nothing is coming out this week. It’s a mash-up of styles that coalesce seamlessly in Tuvim’s hands. Here’s a fine … Read More Reviews


The following pages are some of my favorite pieces taken from my days freelancing for I wrote almost 200 reviews and bios for them over the course of a … Read More

Shawn Colvin – Steady On


Sonically, Steady On is a triumph, with its emotional intimacy captured with smooth precision. Vocally, Colvin’s tender, sometimes whisper-like performances are astonishing and haunting, provocative and seductive all at once.

Amy Ray – Stag


Amy Ray has a message. She always has. But as half of the Indigo Girls, she was a bit more measured, reserved, and polite, if you will. Still, she wants … Read More